After a three-year break from the game, Lil’ Kim is back—and she’s deadlier than ever.

On the public’s negative views about her cosmetic surgery:
“I don’t understand it. Is it because I’m a black girl from the ‘hood that I get more criticism for it? I say you only live once, so whatever you want to do just do it without offending anybody.

On the VH-1 Driven show on her:
“I think 89 to 91 percent of it was true. But I could tell some of my friends might have been nervous and didn’t want to say things that would have made me look crazy. A lot of those people that I saw on there were people I haven’t seen in ages.”

On Male groupies:
“There was one guy in Atlanta; I was in the airport, and he just ran up to me, picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and started running. It was scary. My security tackled him with me still on his shoulders. I’m on the floor, and he’s like, “Pardon me, but I was just joking. I really love her.”

On the unearthly possibility of Foxy, Eve and Kim collaborating on a song:
“If it does happen, it would have to be on my Queen Bee label. I wouldn’t give anybody like Def Jam that money. It would have to benefit me because I’ve put up with a lot of abuse from these chicks. But I brush it off.”


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