You ever seen a woman put her leg behind her head? Under the right circumstances, that’s just one of the stunts Mya’s willing to give the old college try.
We asked Mya several random questions in an effort to put together an accurate character analysis on the singer/actor. Do any of us have psychology degrees? Not really, but that never stopped Oprah.

Please answer these questions as best you can. And be brief.

All right

On top or bottom?

Videotaping: Good or bad?

Ever tied someone up?
Yeah, oh yeah. I’ll tie a muthafucka up quick!

Willing to cook after sex?
Definitely. After the fact, I’ll cook anything

You and Jay-Z were an item: true or false
(Giggles) No.

Are you a member of the Mile High Club?
What is that? Do you mean being promiscuous? Wait, is that when you have a mile-long list of partners?

The Mile High Club is for people who get their freak on in an airplane while it’s 30,000 feet in the air.
Ohhh! Well, then yes, I have done that.

Just once.

Tell the truth.
I am. I only did it once

Diagnosis: We are dealing with an adventurous and open-minded woman who probably excelled at tying knots when she was a girl scout. She keeps her secrets bottled up, but don’t tell her your inner thoughts because after you break up with her she will probably post it on


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