Simone Baptiste    

Thirst Aid
A night with Simone Baptiste will give you the chills.

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Simone Baptiste definitely ain’t no holla-back girl. You’ll be hard pressed to get the 24-year-old to respond to that “Got two nipples for a dime” line. Like Sunshine Anderson a Groundhog Day marathon, she’s heard it all before. Besides, Mone love would much rather concentrate on the business at hand. She’s a certified video sex kitten, appearing in virtually all the videos R. Kelly has shot in her home city of Chicago the last two years, as well as clips for Bobby Valentino and Twista. n Her modeling isn’t limited to hip-hop and R&B however. She’s also getting it poppin’ in print. After sending her photos into Maxim’s Hometown Honeys Hotties, she was chosen as a top-10 finisher. “I was the only black girl,” says Simone. “It was a different situation than I’m used to.” So was acting like an Army medic. But the results were sick.

Well, this is 2005. Oprah’s a billionaire and Martha Stewart has jail cred. Would you ever grab the situation by the balls and step to a dude?
I’ve never been the type to approach anybody. If anything, I’d try walk past them or make eye contact. I would never take the initiative to holla at him or get his number. If he didn’t do it, it probably wouldn’t happen.

You told me what turns you on mentally. What physical features get your juices flowing?
Physically, I like men to be really tall. I’m like 5-foot-6. When I go out I wear heels, so I like [men] to be a little taller than me. Brown skin to dark skin, nice build. I don’t like little skinny guys. I like somebody that’s a little thicker. Maybe a little low haircut, the most facial hair—a mustache or goatee.

I can get a Sizzler’s reservation, pronto [laughs].
We can also do the movie thing, but I like doing something fun on a nice day. I’m an [outdoors] person. I like to go someplace fun. Let’s go to Great America amusement park. Let’s go bungi jumping or something crazy like that. Something new and exciting.


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