Golly G

When G-size-bra wearing Toccara makes a splash, keep your eyes on the bubbles. No, the other bubbles

Story Jerry L. Barrow Photography Jamil GS

Take that Atkins cookbook and shove it. While you’re at it, toss out those awkward, hyphenated euphemisms like “plus-sized” and “big-boned.” Toccara Elaine Jones has not only redefined big-girl beauty, she’s redefined beauty, period. Since sassing her way onto Tyra Banks’ top-rated flesh parade, America’s Next Top Model, the head-turning Ohio native has extended her 15 minutes of fame by sweatin’ out her perm on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and bustin’ out of lingerie shows around the country. Yes, her smile is disarming and her eyes could charm the toupee off of Donald Trump, but her celebrated twin peaks are what keep her ratings (and ours) rising. With March Madness upon us, the 24-year-old flirt wanted to celebrate her turn of the calendar with our readers in—what else?—her birthday suit. Don’t bother making a wish—she’s already granted it.

Do you need a man to whip you into shape?
I definitely don’t want no punk! I don’t want nobody to beat me down. I need a gentleman by day and a . . . by night.

What? A strapping communist?
I can’t do nothing with no little man. He has to be 6-foot-1 or taller and at least 240. I need a man that makes this big, thick girl feel small.

How do you compare your dating life before and after the show?
I never had a hard time dating, but you don’t want to be known as a hopper. When nobody knew who I was, it was better. Anybody I could get now, I could have gotten before.


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