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June 2006

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COVER - Lauren London
Touchy Subject
Hot enough to humble a southern king in the upcoming flick ATL, fire frosh Lauren London is set to make hollywood burn. what you know about that?


Rochelle Aytes
Bare Back
Barnstorming the big screen, we’ll bet that Rochelle Aytes kicks up dust on studio lots


Nikki Alexander
Heard 'Em Say
The penis gallery needs answers! Are hoopz and flav an item? Has she turned hollywood and ignored his calls?

  Past Girls

COVER - Kelis
Who’s the Boss?
R&B’s Fireball Feminist

First Taste
R&B’s Triple-Decker Treat

Miss Issa
Excuse Me, Miss
R&B’s Voyeur

COVER - Toccara Jones
Golly G
When G-size-bra weari

Elise Neal
Party of Five
Elise Neal and her assorted box of godiva treats share their sweetness . . . with each other.

Jennifer Freeman
(Tastes Like Candy)
There must be something sour behind Jennifer Freeman’s saccharine–sweet makeup. KING interrogates the goody-two-shoes in search of boot-knocking trysts.

COVER - Keyshia Cole
Take It From The Top
R&B’s new pound-for-pound ladies’ champ gives it to KING raw.

Persia White
Rock Candy
Girlfriends actress and rocker chick Persia White is a rare species of dime. Still not convinced? Just peep her full body art and watch more than intrigue rise.

Lizz Robbins
Round Robbins
After making her web-girl contest competition bow down, the curvaceous Lizz Robbins is ready to download your hard drive. Now that’s real computer love.

COVER - Trina
In honor of our troops’ bravery, undying dedication and another successful charting of Now That’s What We Call Music, Trina disrobes to raise more than just morale.

Sacha Kemp Girls
’Nuff respect to Turtle’s gang, but the enticing entourage that sultry Sacha Kemp rolls with is a little more KING’s speed. Maintain breath control as this bomb brigade puts you through booty camp.

Simone Baptiste
A certified hometown hottie, Simone is ready to send men into cardiac arrest.

COVER - Bad Meaning Good
Question our eyesight if you must, but KING’s crowning Meagan Good the baddest chick in Schwarzenegger town. Feel different, Halle? Send a letter to your local senator

Water View
Still hesitant about purchasing that beachfront property? Take a look at K.D. Aubert’s waves then call your real estate agent

French Kiss
Dying for Dolly’s Emmanuel Chriqui can’t stand the gratuitous American boob shot. A breast shot in a French film is a different cup if tea, however

COVER - Free
Recognizing Hollywood, hip-hop and everything in between, KING issues a dress code and invites 25 of entertainment’s most promising individuals to toast their talents.

Remy Ma
Turning male groupies into human stamp lickers, Remy Ma is breaking stereotypes on the mic and in the bedroom.

Courtney Black
White girls with rumps can no longer be lumped in with unicorns, sasquatch and santa clause - or so says Courtney Black.

Buffie the Body
But of course KING had to grant Buffie the Body a six-page spread. We haven’t seen such a mesmerizing creation since glow-in-the-dark yo-yos.

COVER – Regina Hall
There’s nothing scary about The Honeymooners’ curvy Regina Hall. Well, except her infatuation with the way a certain dirty word sounds with an Irish accent.

COVER – Jessica White
While teaching you how to cop a swimsuit goddess, J. White gives up the goods on why she fronted on her out-of-this-world famous beau.

COVER – Eva Pigford
America’s Next Top Model’s sassy victor flaunts her new VIP status and explains why vertically challenged men have little chance at making it down her runway.

COVER – Smokin’ La La!
You’ve got to have serious game to score with MTV’s La La. Oh, and an NCAA National Championship and NBA accolades won’t hurt your chances, either.

COVER – Brandy
Let’s work from the bottom up. Brandy Norwood has luscious legs. Word to those gray-bearded, trench coat-wearing Texans in ZZ Top. Who knew? Spending most of her decade-long career wearing more clothes than an Alaskan nun in January, the petite princess stripped down on her fourth album, Afrodisiac

COVER – Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
Gloria Velez loves the color white more than angels on Memorial Day.

COVER – Built Ford Tough
If you’re not up on your music videos, then this feature is your introduction to Melyssa Ford, a.k.a. “Jessica Rabbit.”

COVER – Trina
Since Trina and her kaboom first stepped in the room, she’s successfully defended her self-anointed title….

You know what they say about quite girls like Mya. They're more than willing to have relations in airplanes! Wait, that's what she says.

COVER – Lil’ Kim
After a three-year break from the game, Lil’ Kim is back—and she’s deadlier than ever.

COVER – Kelly Rowland
Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland is the sweetest honey dip in the world. As long as you don’t cross her.

COVER – Foxy Brown
“I’ve had large breasts from when I was young…I didn’t have to get a nose job or anything done. It’s always been me.”

COVER – Jill Jones
Jill Marie Jones’ character, Toni on UPN’s Girlfriends, is part sex kitten, part hustler and full of sexual energy. But that’s not Jill’s style…or is it?

COVER – Claudette Ortiz
At 5’5”, with brown eyes, caramel complected and a right hand that put Zab Judah on his back, City High’s R&B queen Claudette Ortiz leaves the rest of her assets to your imagination.

COVER – Gabrielle Union
Flim/TV Star Gabrielle Union may act innocent, but behind closed doors, she asks her man to bring it on!

COVER – Leila Arcieri
Meet Leila Arcieri, the busty beauty who makes Howard Stern toungue-tied and men get cable, just to watch her run in slow-motion on SON OF THE BEACH.

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