"“I’ve had large breasts from when I was young…I didn’t have to get a nose job or anything done. It’s always been me.”

It’s getting’ hot in herrre and hip-hop’s sex pot,
Foxy Brown wants to know if you can stand the heat.On her favorite position:
“It’s called foot ‘pon shoulders. You’ve got to be on some acrobat shit. Your legs are wrapped around a guy’s neck and he’s bangin’ it. After that, pop two Guinness Stouts and you’re good. That’s my favorite shit.”

On watching X-rated movies:
“Yeah, like if we’re [her and her boyfriend] in a hotel somewhere on the road, we’ll watch one, but we’ve got our own movies. We make our own shit. [Her boyfriend] has some X-rated songs, so sometimes I’ll ask him, ‘’Sing the one you just recorded.’ That turns me on.”

On her sexual maturity:
“My sexuality’s matured; I’m not at all turning into a nun or anything. I’m still the same ill na na I was, just a little older. I have a man and I’m ready to start a family. [My child] would be a Trinidadian and Jamaican baby. Do you know what kind of feistiness that would be?”

On being a dark-skinned sex symbol:
“It was hard at first, because I never felt like I was the prettiest girl when I was growing up. I was the only dark one in my family and I always got complimented, like, ‘Oh, she’s a pretty little dark-skinned girl.’ When I finally got on, it was amazing how many barriers got broken down. I’ve had little girls that had the same complex come up to me and say how much I’ve touched their lives.”


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