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    7 Comments     Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

    Say It Ain’t So

    Shamika B. Sanders fills you in on Saaphyri’s arrest, Buddha’s wealth and T-Weed’s ass kissing in this week’s column.

    Say it aint so Saaphyri!

    First Flavor of Love then prison? Rumor has it that you were on the run for three years. How inconspicuous of you to do reality T.V. If anyone had seen you on there they wouldn’t admit it to anyone. I’m just confused. What happened to Lip Chap? I believed in your entrepreneurial skills, but I guess shit happens.

    Here’s what Buddha had to say about Saaphyri’s arrest:

    I think she’s kind of a victim of circumstance maybe from her upbringing. I got a call that she was locked up and she almost didn’t get back into the country with the bounced checks and the forgery. I mean I thought it was crazy. If she had not been on the show pretending she had something, if she would have just pulled me to the side and talked to me, I would have helped her out. I have more than enough money.

    Speaking of crazy, after speaking with numerous reality show castoffs and hearing their many adjectives for T-Weed, I had to experience him for myself. I met him at the KING 50th issue party and got the chance to pick his brain.

    First off, what was it like kissing Myammee’s ass?
    Myammee is a beautiful human being. Of course it was cool being in that situation. It was soft. It was like a 1975 Ebony ad. She’s a soft beautiful Ebony queen.

    After talking to the rest of the cast, it seems like you were the master planner, what were the plans about?
    Well we had a mission, you have the challenges you need to stay focus. My main thing was how you stay focus while having fun. Its 24/7, man. You got to go in and I went in.

    What were you going to do with the money?
    The T-Weed Hood Credit Union, more empowerment for families in urban communities. I know firsthand what it’s like living in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. That’s what my focus was with the money, doing something for the positive benefit of the youth. We need to build incubators in the hood.

    When the strategy in the house was to not pick Buddha, why did you do the opposite?
    I didn’t have any issue with him. Just like in a game of pickup basketball on the street, you’re going to pick who you want. The main thing I was focused on was building the strongest team.

    T-Weed on Buddha:
    He’s no gladiator–he’s a chihuahua. Its nothing!

    As for the future, T-Weed has a jean line, sneaker line, music websites and more. For a chance to win a free T-Weed outfit, write to tweed@tweed.tv explaining your plans on empowerment and how you make a difference!--Shamika B. Sanders

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    7 Responses to “Say It Ain’t So”

    03.4.09 at 10:22 pm

    klaus says:
    t-weed is lucky she didnt fart in his face. lol

    03.7.09 at 1:25 am

    Lil A says:
    Thta’s about the closest T-weed ever gonna get to hittin Myammee lol

    03.15.09 at 3:55 pm

    paula says:
    T-weed is such a intellectual with a bossolicious positive atttude! Luvs that’ xo !I am felling You T-weed! T-weed is Philanthropic Sexy man! T-weed is the Green team captain If he went dolo the cake was all his! His team should have known G code and protocol cuz’ T-weed put them all in the game!! I Enjoyed watching T-weed on I Love Money 2!

    04.14.09 at 6:38 pm

    juicy says:
    budda kan get it … hes by far one of the worlds sexiest men…… i would absolutely positivley be on a show to win buddas love and that for real he’s my dream man i love his confidence and his strong sexy attitude…. he’s a GOD in my book. BBM ALL THE WAY ( beautiful black man) sappyhiri- im confused hunny. did she win charm skool and get all that money and then did the lip chap thing…..
    im not fond of her charecter she hated on myammee hard on i love money 2. i love myammee shes the female budda.

    11.22.10 at 2:04 am

    BigSnakeJohnsonBallParkFrak says:
    bitch ugly

    01.29.12 at 12:36 am

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    12.3.12 at 4:04 am

    Cakessosweet says:
    Okay, who the fuk is T-Weed, and then who the fuk is Myammee with the ebonics prone parents….who spelled her name like that? u know whatz next………wit his ugly as..lol




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